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Bella’s Badaz Crystals “Limited Edition” Crystal Nug

Bella’s Badaz Crystals “Limited Edition” Crystal Nug

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Crystal Nug

We are pleased to introduce a Limited Edition Series for Bella’s Badaz Crystals! This series is called “Crystal Nugs” and come in 8 Crystal colors! 

Red Jasper - Amethyst - Rose Quartz - Jade 

Clear Quartz - Citrine - Sapphire - Aquamarine 

Each Crystal Nug comes holding a color matching acrylic Crystal Heart, limited edition numbered tag and a limited edition certificate of authenticity. 

Each Crystal Nug measures approx 7.5” sitting. 

Note: Colors are limited on stock and when the color is gone, they are gone! (Limited Edition run is 30 total.) $10 of you purchase goes directly to Bella’s Badaz Crystal to support their business/channel! ❤️

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